Pretty Kitty Collection

Pretty Kitty Collection

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Spoil your kitty with the Pretty Kitty Collection! Includes one Purfect Cleanse Bar, one container of Kitty Milk, and one jar of Kitty Puffs.


About Purfect Cleanse Bar:

This daily use cleansing bar gently removes impurities while keeping your skin soft and hydrated. The Purfect Cleanse Bar intimately washes, while protecting your pH balance. Enriched with essential organic oils, it provides your skin with the nutrients it needsOrganic and cruelty-free.


About Kitty Milk:

Our Kitty Milk moisturizer is purfectly infused with honey, aloe, lavender, and shea butter. Combined, these ingredients promote refreshment and anti-inflammation. Kitty Milk contains no artificial fragrances, and is designed in an airless jar to reduce the over use of product. This product works wonders on chaffed skin.


About Kitty Puffs:

Kitty Puffs are the holy grail to exfoliating your kitty! Now formulated to BRIGHTEN THE SKIN! Infused with salicylic and glycolic acids, Kitty Puffs detox pores, leaving your kitty smooth, clean, and moisturized. Kitty Puffs' healing and hydrating properties prevent redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs, while restoring and brightening the skin. Don't make your kitty wait to be glowing, pretty, and purrfect... Get some Kitty Puffs!